Friday, July 25, 2008 SafeRenew

I am a customer, I have 10+ domains registered with them for many years and I have had no complaints about their service. I have all of my domains enrolled in their "SafeRenew" an automatic renewal service which saves you from having to remember to renew the domain and it automatically renews your ownership. has always sent emails to me 3+ months before I need to renew my domain names. More recently in the past year they have started to call me and ask me to renew my domain names. When I asked them if I was getting a better deal by renewing now with them on the phone rather than having their SafeRenew service renew my registration, the answer was no.

This confuses me why are people calling when I have all my domains enrolled in the SafeRenew service? I can see why customers might be called if they didn't enroll one or more of their domains in the service, but I feel like the person who calls is wasting not only my time, but their's as well. The only thing I can think of is that for every person they get to renew, they get commission on that renewal. What a waste of profit for

The database that gives to it's represntatives who call customers to have them renew their domains should not include those who have all their domains enrolled in their free and efficient SafeRenew service. It will not only save money but it will their customers time.

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