Monday, August 4, 2008

Goals for this Blog

I have been saying to myself for a while now that I should start something online wether it be a blog or some other kind of site where I could post things that I had researched for work or home projects or just some place to voice off on things. I finally had a few minutes to spare the other day and started this blog. The only real reason I chose blogger rather than one of those other blogging sites was so that I didn't have to have another login (I can use my google account).

I have been at it for about a week so far and have managed to get something up almost every week day. I am new to this , but I hope my writing will get better as time goes on. I got in this morning and read something that may keep me going... Quantity Always Trumps Quality I guess only time will tell.

Why the title "Cranium Tales"? I had seen an MRI of a brain the night before on TV, it was the Discovery Channel or TLC (I really can't remember now) and thought it was cool, maybe thats why, I honestly don't know, it just happened.

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