Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WordPress 2.7 FeedKey plugin now working for Comments

I was asked by a few people to make the changes to the Feed Key plugin for Wordpress so that users could subscribe with a feedKey similar to the changes I made to the Members Only plugin

You can download version 0.2.1 by right clicking and download the updated file here. Once downloaded, replace the feed-key.php file in your existing installation (~/wp-content/plugins/feed-key/).

All this work with WordPress is making me think I should convert over from my blogger account.


Anonymous said...

Hi and thank you for your work :-)

I don't know why but in WP 2.7.1 I get all time "No Feed Key Found". If I edit an user as admin I can see the following Feed URL's:



But when I log in with that user and I visit the Profile I get this messages:

User's Feed Key
Feed Key Feed Key not found.
Your Feed URL URL is available once a Feed Key has been generated
Your Comments Feed URL URL is available once a Feed Key has been generated

I tried by reseting the key, but nothing works... thanks!

Hans said...

Hi there, what version of WP are you using?
Are you using Members Only or Feed Key and which version?
What settings do you have for the plug-in?
Where did you reset the key from (the user or the admin?)

Have you tried generating the feed keys from the user, and then try the feed?


Kevin said...

Hello Hans,

For some reason in wordpress 2.7.1 your updated feedkey 2.2 plugin doesn't work for me. I get the The Feed Key you used is invalid. It is either incorrect or has been revoked. Please login to obtain a valid Feed Key, comment. 2.2 did work for wordpress 2.7, do you know a fix for 2.7.1?