Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordpress 2.7 Members Only plugin update

A fix for users who have changed their home page has been added to the plugin, I have incremented the version to

This change fixes the following issue pointed out by Mingo:

When you select to have people go to the "Front Page" when they log in directly from the Login page, they are directed to http://blogurl/wordpress

People (like me) who have moved their front page outside of the /wordpress/ dir receive a 404 error.
You may download the updated version here.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your work on the Members Only plugin. It's working well with my site and I have a quick question about it.

I would like to allow non-members to access certain pages (e.g., features, about).

Do you know how to alter the code of the Members Only plugin, or is there a code snippet or hook that I can use to exclude a couple of pages from the Members Only plugin?

Thanks :)

Hans said...

Take a look at the function members_only specifically on line 239, instead of redirecting to the login page, put an if in there to check to see if the $currenturl is your about or features pages.

Paul said...


I'm using the members only plugin and in works fine, I would like to use a Translator but every one I've tried, if used sends me to the Login Page (in the selected language) once reloged in it then launches the site back in English.

Anyone have a suggestion apart from not using a translator :-)




MrSketcher said...


first of all: thank you for this plugin. It's exactly what i've been looking for and it just works.

I have one minor request, though. Is it possible to add support for different languages. My users are german and even though most of them do know their way around english some don't. For those the following message is just gibberish:

"Welcome to *your site* This site is accessible to approved users only. To be approved, you must first register."

So, i have been looking through your coding and some of the wordpress files, but I wasn't able to find the message anywhere. Please tell me where to find it.

Maybe you could add a input field to your plugin settings, where administrators can type in their own custom messages. That way the plugin will become language independent.

Thanks again.


Hans said...


I am not sure what other plugins you have installed, but the Members Only plugin redirects people to the WordPress login page or to a page that you can specify.

In addition to using Members Only, I also use wpDirAuth which allows you hook up authentication to LDAP and also allows you to configure the text on the login screen within the plugin settings. You may also be able to use this plugin, but just turn off the LDAP lookup.

sacc91 said...

Hi, I'm trying to build a site and this plugin is key.

Would you happen to know why it displays the "The Feed Key you used is invalid. It is either incorrect or has been revoked. Please login to obtain a valid Feed Key." error while viewing it on Firefox or Chrome (I assume other browsers too) but works in NetNewsWire?

As a side note, I tried reseting the keys of test users but NetNewsWire doesn't seem to give them the invalidated key post no matter how many times I refresh.

Hans said...


Have you logged in as the user, clicked on profile and reset the key on the user level? Can you get to the URL that is specified in there via your browser?

sacc91 said...

I've reset the keys with an admin user.

I can get to the URLs but they only give me the failed key error in the browsers, they function fine in my RSS reader. The user won't be able to reset the key on his own.

Also the "Invalid Feed Key" post does get to the RSS reader eventually, it just takes time, jut got it on NetNewsWire with two test accounts.