Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chrome OS

Thought that this was an interesting article about the Chrome OS written by an ex-employee at Google.

Ex-Googler says Chrome OS will be a vastly different OS but won’t displace Windows

I think a dual boot situation is the way to go. There are still a number of websites I frequent that still only work with IE. It is disapointing, but it is reality. I thought about it and many of the things I already do are in the 'cloud'.... Gmail & Yahoo mail, searching online, writing things in a word processor or keeping track of things in spreadsheets (Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office) many of the bells and whistles that exist in Office that I use at work, I just do not take advantage of at home because I don't need to, so I use Google Apps. The one thing that I constantly do however, is retouch photographs from my digital camera before sending them to print. So Google would need to get Picasa browser based (which they may be able to do with Google Gears)

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